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We understand how valuable our volunteers efforts and capabilities can be, so we work hard to keep costs affordable and economical, enabling more people to volunteer. We are a social entrepreneurship starting with a reputation as Guatemala's most affordable volunteer abroad organization. We have recently expanded into 6 countries across the globe and have hundreds of volunteers traveling with us every year. By working directly with local organizations we are able to ensure that all your support goes towards meaningful community projects and local employment.



Our experienced staff have volunteered, lived and worked abroad for many years. We work hand in hand with organizational programs and we are part of the project that our volunteers are contributing to. In some cases, we have found some of these projects with people that share our values, goals, and dreams. We have helped more than 10,000 volunteers to prepare for their journeys. Our in-depth knowledge and experience mean that we can provide outstanding service, support, and advice to all volunteers, global international programs and non-profits.

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We want to co-create with you, that's why we want you to let us know how we can personalize your experience. We focus on long term social impact, so we provide our projects throughout the whole year, meaning you can tell us when your available, and we can make it work! As well as catering to your schedule we provide optional extra add-on experiences so you can really make the most of you time volunteering abroad. We understand the courage it takes to venture outside your comfort zone. We want to make your volunteer experience easy to negotiate, affordable, safe and most of all authentic. 



We aim to be one of the most affordable volunteer company's in the world.  We care about supporting and enabling local employment opportunities, at a grassroots level. We design programs based on your preferences.

You will receive a follow up of the program that you selected to impact on the long term impact where your contribution is helping to achieve its goals, also you get a detailed breakdown of where your support is going. The program manager is happy to explain exactly how the fee is being divided. Contact Us for any more details. 


We love diversity and networking, that's why we try to work side by side with more than 30 non-profits, with diverse needs, programs, and projects where your support will be making its impact directly towards the program's achievement and where you can learn and experience in the whole process.  Our local expert staff help design programs that utilize local resources and establish the safety and welfare of our diverse participants, interns, students and volunteers. Our volunteers learn, grow, find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance their careers. We are committed to providing the most affordable, safe and transparent volunteer abroad programs overseas


We carefully create programs to fit you or your group's objectives and goals that produce great results. During your chosen program, you will receive the best in-country support from our experienced staff. We know every time we have a person volunteer with VAGT we are providing a chance to change lives, both for the individuals and the communities or organizations participating. Learning new thoughts, being involved in new experiences and hands-on practical elements are what we would like everyone to take away from there time at VAGT. We want to grow with you and help you on this journey with everything that you need. Contact Us for any questions.

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"Being able to contribute to their future success and help the teachers there, who truly do need the help, felt so rewarding. This project was one of the most eye opening, incredible things I've ever done in my life."

- Agné

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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” — Oscar Wilde

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