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Volunteer Abroad GT offers all of our programs for individuals, groups and internship placements. Wether you are a solo volunteer ready to engage in something wholeheartedly, step out of your comfort zone and discover self fulfillment. Or, you are a part of a group wanting to create a big impact, share skills and collaborate on a international level, VAGT can help! We offer the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. And we are experts in customizing a journey to suit your needs, big or small!

We want our members to learn, grow and challenge themselves. We do this through impactful volunteer programs and cultural immersion.

All volunteer experiences attract the cheapest volunteer abroad registration fee of


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individual Volunteer abroad
All of VAGT's programs are available to volunteer as an individual.

If you’re planning on doing something different, by yourself, then Individual Volunteering is your perfect fit! In Volunteer Abroad GT, when you volunteer individually in our programs, we make sure that even if you’re not in your comfort zone and surrounded by the people you know, we’ll make you feel like home.


Solo volunteering is this amazing opportunity for you to appreciate new cultures, meet new people, make new friends, and learn more about yourself in the process.

Engage in something you are truly passionate about and share your unique skills.

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What volunteer are you?

Where do you want

to go?

VAGT offers all of our programs for individuals, groups and internship placements.

VAGT has volunteer opportunities in 8 countries.

Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe

What do you want to do?

We have programs to suit all skill sets and motivation levels.

Unsure? Let us know what interests you and we can find the perfect program.

Make your payment and get ready!



Let us know all the details and one of our volunteer experts can tailor a volunteer experience to suit you!

We will support you from start to finish.


All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$249 on top of the weekly Program Fee of your choice.

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We want to Co-create with you, that's why, we want you to let us know, how we can personalize your experience. 


Select and customize your personal volunteer experience. Add on extra optional activities and services.


Browse all the VAGT Programs available for individuals, groups and internship opportunities.

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