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Jan 2019

All of the staff members were welcoming and helpful in letting me be proactive in the clinic. I took weights, heights, blood pressures, blood sugars, interviewed patients, and assisted with six week checkups including vaccinations for babies.
There were plenty of opportunities to travel the country on the weekends.
The staff was helpful in answering any questions. Traveling abroad teaches one patience, resilience, confidence and problem solving. You appreciate what you have and it’s very rewarding to help those less fortunate...

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Jan 2019

My name is Agne. I'm 26 years old and I am from Denmark. I participated working with the Children at Risk program through VAGT. My project was incredible, as I got to work with little kids (3-5 year olds), and help influence them and their future decisions. Being able to contribute to their future success and help the teachers there, who truly do need the help, felt so rewarding. This project was one of the most eye opening, incredible things I've ever done in my life.

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Jan 2019

I feel so grateful to have volunteered abroad through VAGT. I felt their support since the moment I sent my first email inquiring about my program.
I worked at a local school where I feel my help made a real impact, this was a real eye opening experience, I learned so much and was able to give back. Their programs are so well structured and go beyond what anyone could expect. Not only I gained experience but I amso gre as a person. My coordinator guided me since i arrived at the airport and was key to having a great time.

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Jan 2019

The trip to Guatemala was the best trip of my life so far. I enjoyed immersing into the new culture, exploring nature, trying local food. I made new friends that I know will be forever in my life. And I feel great to say that I also had an opportunity to give back by being a medical volunteer.

I absolutely loved working at the local hospital, helping nurses and doctors care for postoperative patients. I gained important skills that will be useful to me in my future career as a nurse practitioner.


Jan 2019

It is a life changing experience, I was able to have what I thought was a very profound humbling experinece. This experience has made me grow as a person, not just by the experiences I had there but by being around like-minded people who also wanted to make a change.
Never once did I feel alone, even on day one. I would recommend everyone travel alone and do an experience like this helping others in vulnerable situations because you will absolutely come out a changed person for the better.
the members of the local team are so passionate for their work and go above beyond in ensuring your happiness duing your stay.
I feel so lucky to have been part of a program that cares this much i would definitely be volunteering with VAGT again.


Jan 2019

Was an amazing experience.
Having the opportunity to be part of a change, part of a very helpful and nice program.
The experience of being with the people that needs so much help, sharing moments with them was just great.
I definitely would repeat this experience, this is something I would love to do again in the future. This experience was nothing short of amazing for me, I met plenty of people with different nationalities and met a lot of new friends.
I can say that I feel a different person from the day one I started until now. I feel so much personal grow from the experience.

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