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Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

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Wildlife and Conservation

While South Africa, and the African continent as a whole, enjoys an abundance of magnificent wild animal and plant species, it also faces ever-increasing challenges in maintaining these high numbers. Never before has the impact of poaching and illegal trading, both of animal and plant species, been felt so greatly – many species are at near-extinction levels – but in the same breath, never before has the awareness and fight against these factors, been so great! Animal and plant reserves all across South Africa have, for many years, been implementing and running projects and programs, with the aim of minimizing this threat, all with the hope of one day totally eradicating the problem as a whole!

This program is designed for

Veterinary Student, environmental studies, Every individual who wants to make a positive and meaningful impact on nature conservation.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Our Wildlife Conservation volunteers will work on a rotation basis, perform 2 activities/duties per day (daily Schedules are provided every evening). These activities include but are not limited to: Animal tracking and monitoring (Lion, Rhino, Buffalo, etc.) Feeding of Lions and other predators in rehabilitation Tree planting and landscaping to minimize the effects of erosion Wilderness trail hikes and patrol Fence and enclosure patrol and servicing Game counts and capture Assist with Vet duties Assist with early morning, daytime and evening game drives Removal of alien (non-indigenous) vegetation in and around the reserve. Volunteers are never in direct contact or harm of any animals at the reserve and all activities are accompanied by an experienced ranger.

Program Specifications

Program Cost

Registration Fee:  US $249

1 Week Program Fee:



Extra Per Week:


Program Duration

2-week minimum

Program Availability

All year

Language Skills

Medium level English

Volunteer Hours

4 to 6 hours a day


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Ways To Join

It takes a lot of courage and determination to come out of your comfort zone to get involved into noble service of another. Choose if you want to go solo or in a group


View all the programs and project you can volunteer with. 

Group Volunteering

When you volunteer as a group, not only are you helping those in most need, but you’re helping yourself as well.

What is included in My program fee?


We always provide comfortable accommodation suitable to the program module and location. Typically, that might mean a home stay or during your selected program. All rooms always include WiFi.

In-Country Orientation

From the time you arrive in the country, we will make sure your trip runs smoothly. We show you the best places to eat, banks, point of interests, and are there for all questions.


Your experience includes a weekly meal plan of hearty and healthy local fare. The plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday.

Weekends are free for making your own culinary explorations

Monetary donation

A monetary donation goes directly to the project where you will be volunteering. This money is used to help the project purchase material they need on a daily basis, meals or pay other expenses they have.


You always learn and enjoy more when you are relaxed. That’s why we build in a weekly selection of activities, excursions, events and outings into our tours, language courses, volunteer service. From Salsa, to hiking a active volcano!


Certification (if requested) of completion of the volunteer program, perfect for inclusion in your resume.

Airport pickup

Airport pick up in private shuttle to your accommodation.

Mentorship & SUPPORT

Adventure worry-free, knowing you are supported by VAGT 24/7. Your VAGT expert helps you choose the right program for your needs and prepares you for the journey ahead. We even offer the peace of mind of a comprehensive medical, cancellation and interruption insurance plan. 

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