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Are you in High School, College, University, at Work, and looking forward to the best volunteering abroad experience that you can have along with your team? You’ve made it to the right place! In Volunteer Abroad GT, supporting you as a team is our priority, as we know that teamwork is one of the biggest assets wherever you are. When you volunteer as a group, not only are you helping those in most need, but you’re helping yourself as well. When considering to volunteer as a group, besides making a change in a community, you’re empowering your self-worth through acts of kindness for the greatest good!


VAGT works closely with you and your group to design a tailor-made volunteering experience. This can include cultural exchange, service learning and trips to discover the wonders of the country and culture. We specialize in trips that genuinely provide worthwhile and much needed assistance to the projects and local community you volunteer with.

The skills you learn through group volunteering are valuable for future careers or academic achievements. You will also learn how to foster stronger professional relationships, gain skills needed for teamwork and discover the role of leadership.

we’re experts in creating customized volunteer group trips that expand horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding and make a positive contribution to community projects.

You will share your skills, and build new ones.

Contact our groups expert for more information on group volunteering costs, programs and more.


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