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About VAGT

We are pioneers of high-impact volunteer work for local communities

Founded in 2009 in Antigua Guatemala, VOLUNTEER ABROAD GT is the leading volunteer abroad company in Guatemala. We are a multicultural organization that has partnered with several local NGOs and community centers. Working alongside universities, colleges, companies, churches, families, and all other various groups as well as individuals looking to volunteer or take part in an internship; we strive for a long-lasting impact. Our main goal is to create a positive outcome and change the lives of communities living in extreme conditions and lacking economic resources.


At Volunteer Abroad GT, we leverage on having worked for the top volunteer abroad companies, as well as having volunteered abroad to strategically develop the best volunteer abroad programs. With a demonstrable track record and credible reputation in creating high social impact programs as well as delivering increased fundraising, corporate sponsorship, and donations. We aim for long term achievement of community goals in various locations across the globe. We provide cultural immersion experiences, achieved by living and working with local people, communities, organizations and families.

We believe that all the costs associated with volunteer tourism should be totally transparent for everyone. We employ local experts to keep costs down and knowledge high. They speak the local language, and are in the best position to give guidance and advice, expert tips, guidance and 24/7 support for volunteers to get the absolute most out of their volunteer abroad program overseas. 

In the past ten years, VAGT has seen some big changes. We started small by providing volunteer abroad opportunities to individuals who sought for the most affordable volunteer abroad experiences only in Guatemala. We grew our network by contacting and connecting with local Guatemalan organisations with the aim to see a real, ground level impact and create a lasting impression in the community we live in. In 2012  Jonathan Dprera, one of the main founders of VAGT, kept on developing this project alone whilst also providing help to other worldwide companies hosting volunteers in Antigua. Now in 2019, Jonathan Dprera partnered with Monique Montfroy to re-brand and re-position ourselves again not only as Guatemala’s most affordable volunteer abroad company but also expand internationally. VAGT will always keeps its roots in the beautiful and spiritual Guatemalan soil, but expand our branches worldwide. With the experience, ground work and relationships already layed out over the past years, we see ourselves creating more opportunities to improve, support and build a better future for everyone.

Passion and inspiration to make an impact, are OUR driving forces to offer these amazing, exciting, and rewarding programs for YOU!


We provide affordable volunteering experiences. 


We are a social entrepreneurship with a reputation as Guatemala's most affordable volunteer abroad organization. We have hundreds of volunteers traveling with us every year and aim to provide cultural immersion experiences, achieved by living, working and investing in the local people, communities, organizations and families. You will help improve and create a high impact by providing  jobs for those who otherwise could not provide for their families. Your support and efforts will not go unnoticed, every time we host a volunteer, lives are changed! We collaborate with local organizations for a long term outcome-based projects. We  also offer optional extra add-on experiences to make your volunteer abroad program a trip you will never forget. All this combined enables you to travel to a new country and be immersed in a new culture, engage with the people, and ultimately create an unforgettable volunteer abroad experience.


We find creative ways to help nonprofit organizations and other individuals.

By having teams of experts in all areas: admission, recruitment, logistics and field coordination, we provide programs that exceed our volunteer's expectations. This allows you to fully focus on your volunteer experience without having to worry about any of the details. If you have a passion for helping others, as a VAGT volunteer, you will have a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, creating a life changing experience both for yourself and for the community where you volunteer. We can assure you that our programs will exceed your expectations and you will enjoy a first class experience provided by locals.

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