Women Empowerment

Women are the givers of life, they carry the next generation, and bring peace and harmony. Yet the issues surrounding women are in a never ending battle. Inequality between women and men is a global issue, and women across the world are fighting for a voice; to be treated equally in the workplace, schoolyard, home and overall country. The lines are slowly but surely blurring in the developed nations of the world. We see more women in leadership, as role models and figures heads, the fight for equal pay is getting stronger and the cries of domestic abuse are being heard. However in many more countries of the world this is not the case. We are still seeing male births favored and prioritized, male education prioritized, inequality in the workplace exists as does female mutilation and sometimes murder.

By contributing to a women empowerment volunteer project you will see and live the reality of many undervalued women. This gives you the opportunity to empower and encourage growth of character and skills in both young and adult women. Educating women and children brings them one step closer to achieving their goals by increasing their literacy, intrapersonal skills and knowledge of the world. In general, volunteer opportunities in women’s empowerment include positions involving public health outreach, business, and education. In the public health arena, volunteers could be working with women and children to provide HIV/AIDS education and general sexual health education. More technical opportunities include birthing support and medical and dental work.

Join our affordable women empowerment programs, you will be sharing with young girls, young boys, and women the art of being capable of performing different activities that will help them in their daily lives to become sustainable and value themselves to another level.

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