Sharing knowledge is as old as the earth. Since time began all species on earth have been sharing and passing down knowledge, skills and ways of being for the next generation to use and adapt. We know that education is essential for breaking down the barriers of poverty and inequality. Volunteer teaching abroad and you will find yourself sharing and providing much needed support as well as care to students, teachers, schools and even whole communities. Teaching English is a hugely beneficial volunteer program, as English is a gateway to further opportunities, expanded career choices and care for families and communities.

Teaching is possibly one of the most important jobs to have. As a teacher you are looked upon to provide a clear understanding and instruction to the future generations. You have the chance to shape and redirect someone’s future into something brighter and better.

First-time teachers and experienced educators can volunteer to teach abroad. Participate teaching or assisting in classrooms from South Africa to Morocco, Costa Rica to Sri Lanka. At VAGT we believe in making your journey special and authentic. Some of VAGT’s volunteer teaching programs are held in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote locations, so you will be sure to not only be the teacher, but also the student as you learn new ways of living, thinking and being.

Volunteering abroad teaching is an incredibly rewarding way to share your knowledge, learn new ways of thinking and be surrounded by culture and beauty. Not only do we get to impart important life skills to the children and young adults of this world who need our help the most, but we get to learn an awful lot along the way.

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