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The idea of the right to basic healthcare is a utopian reality for many due to limited government resources and other issues related to access and availability of decent public healthcare in developing countries. VAGT provides affordable medical volunteer abroad programs for medical or nursing students as well as qualified health practitioners.

Your help and assistance in any of VAGT’s medical programs will make a great impact in the lives of those lacking the possibilities to afford single doctors appointments, access to basic hygiene or education around women's health. During your medical and healthcare program you will be working at a local clinic or hospital. You will learn about the healthcare system in your chosen country and help change people's lives by providing basic medical attention. You will work with general medicine, pre and post surgery, gynaecology, laboratory, pharmacy or psychology. These are sensitive programs allowing you to experience closely what it is like to work alongside doctors who do their best with little resources and extreme pressure.

By joining any of VAGT affordable healthcare and medical programs, you will support public clinics and hospitals which are understaffed and often undervalued. You will give those in need of a decent healthcare system the treatment and attention they deserve as human beings. If you are seeking a volunteer experience in a speciality field, including; physiotherapy, pharmacy, dentistry, paramedics, clinical laboratory science, emergency medicine (EMTs), speech therapy, optometry, nutrition, public health, orthopedics, radiology, HIV/AIDS support, midwifery and pediatrics, please contact us for a personally tailor-made program.

volunteer abroad Projects

Local Hospital Program in Nepal
Physiotherapy in Nepal
Elderly Care Support Worker in Nepal
Elderly Care Project in Guatemala
Hands On Local Hospital in Guatemala
Physical Therapy Program in Guatemala
Hands On Local Clinic in Guatemala
EMT, Paramedics and Disaster Response in Guatemala
Rural Health Internship Service Learning Trip
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