Child Care

There are few things more important than looking after the world's younger generation. Providing children, young or old, with education, encouragement and support are vital factors for what their future will look like. However, in many countries all over the world children need to work to support and provide for their family’s. But many times given their lack of education and not being able to speak up, finding work can lead in sexual abuse, involvement with drugs, and participating in gangs. Children are the most affected in these circumstances and suffer the unseen consequences. Poverty and lack of opportunities have several consequences including but not limiting to major health problems, malnutrition, and obligation to work and forget about their education.

We understand the reality for disadvantaged youth, and we understand the vital role they have in our world’s progression. When joining any of our volunteer abroad Childcare Programs you’ll be providing children with tools to improve their possibilities to hope for a brighter future. Your time, love, and compassion is what they really need to restore their faith in the world. Volunteering abroad help enables the school to offer a far more comprehensive education including aspects such as art, sports, and music.

volunteer abroad Projects

Childcare Worker in South Africa
Pre School Education in Zimbabwe
Kindergarten Teacher in Zimbabwe
Primary Education in Zimbabwe
Probation and Rehabilitation for Teenage Girls in Sri Lanka
Childcare in Costa Rica
Childcare Project in Nepal
HIV/AIDS and Vulnerable Children in Guatemala
Childcare program in Malawi
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