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Many of the volunteer abroad programs VAGT offers are in countries that have gone through long, struggling histories. Often governed by corruption, the economic resources that are supposed to help people in need never arrive. People continue living in extreme poverty without access to basic necessities. Therefore, developing communities do not have access to a decent place they can call home, a hospital they can go to when sick, or a school that will help them get better prepared to encounter the future.

By joining our Building and Renovation programs, you’ll be helping people that lack resources to build a house, a school, or a hospital and improve people's quality of life. We shine a different light on hands-on, practical skills with our rewarding construction efforts in Guatemala and Nepal. VAGT provides affordable construction volunteer abroad programs that allow you to build or improve key infrastructure. Thereby, better the communities' access to healthcare, education and children's development. You will work building a school, library or health clinic or you might be constructing an entire house from beginning to end, by scratch!

You don't need any special construction skills, although being able to pound nails is a plus. You'll be working side by side with volunteer team members and the partner family; our partner families contribute hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" toward their new home. In many cases, the entire community also pitches in. For solo traveller's please contact us and we will be more than happy to place you in one of our programs that need extra help. You will work alongside other volunteers who are traveling alone and will always receive the support from our foreman, who will guide you all the way.

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