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Tanzania offers incredible landscapes, culture, wildlife and humanity. A popular destination for both travel and volunteering, you can experience it all! Tanzania hosts some of Africa’s most renowned travel destinations and attractions including the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, and the wildlife-rich national park the Serengeti. Tanzania is also widely known for the diversity of cultures it homes. From the red-cloaked Maasai warriors to the semi nomadic Barabaig tribe, there are more than 120 distinct groups and tribes - ethnically, linguistically, and religiously.

Volunteer Abroad GT hosts volunteering options on the tropical paradise archipelago of Zanzibar. Here there are volunteer opportunities for sharing love, passion, skills and experience. Like its mainland, Zanzibar is bursting with history and ethnography as well as local smiling faces and infectious spirits to give you a warm welcome and stay. Join our affordable Volunteer teaching program and have the opportunity to live and work on this jewel-like tropical island. Or depending on your qualifications in varying health services, you can provide much needed support and care to the public. Volunteering in a medical program in any African nation can be very different from what you might know. Join a life changing experience, be fully immersed in community spirit and dive into an array of opportunity.

Volunteering abroad in Tanzania will excite your senses, widen your perspective and create a long-lasting impact both locally and within yourself.


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