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Nepal is undoubtedly a country to visit if you are looking to make a unique and valuable difference. Famously known for its position to the Himalayas and hosting the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, Nepal is breathtaking and awe inspiring. Every corner of this nation is picturesque in both nature and culture. From the fast paced market centers in the city to the more spiritual and traditional calmness of the mountains. Nepal is however, one of the least developed nations of the world. Majority of the population live in small villages outside of the capital and poverty is unfortunately a common denominator. Gathering funding and support from all over the globe, there is a great need for volunteers willing to work in community development, providing aid in the fields of education and teaching, child welfare and healthcare. Often times schooling and healthcare facilities lack the most basic of supplies and staff and this is where volunteers can really make a difference to each and every person they meet during a volunteer program in Nepal.

Volunteer in Nepal and explore your spiritual side with mountain landscapes as your backdrop everyday. Regardless of your field of interest, there will definitely be volunteering opportunities for you. Nepal never stops giving, be challenged and grow both physically and mentally in this magical country.


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