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Volunteering in Morocco will excite and invigorate all of your senses. When thinking of Morocco, the first thing that comes to mind is long, rolling landscapes blanketed in red sand, riding on the back of a camel during the dramatic golden sunset, haggling in the depths of the famous bazaars or eating from aromatic tagine pots. Morocco is fast becoming a tourist hot spot, volunteering in morocco is an authentic way to experience all this ancient country has to offer plus the opportunity to do meaningful volunteer work and give back. Our programs in Morocco are only offered in Campaign Groups. You will assist under-privileged communities and their members in southwest Morocco to improve health care and educational focus. Together we have a well-established relationship with the the people in the communities, so volunteers participating in the trip are able to experience Morocco in a unique context. You may like to volunteer abroad in farming and sustainable development to empower the indigenous population towards self-sufficiency. The strength of our affordable Moroccan volunteer programs is that it is highly supported with translators, staff, full meal plan, hotels/hostels and excellent programming. Volunteers, who participate in our program, leave Morocco feeling they have truly made a difference in the lives of Moroccans.

More than magic carpets, genie in a bottle and camels in sand dunes. Morocco is an ancient paradise of psychedelic colours, smells and traditions.


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