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Volunteer in Kenya with VAGT and choose from a wide range of volunteer abroad projects including Teaching, Healthcare, Wildlife Conservation or Building. When thinking of Africa, mostly likely you conjure up pictures of large expanses of the famous savannah dotted in wildebeest and the possible lion hiding in the bushes ready to pounce or calmly lazing in the sun. This image is of Kenya. As well as vast expanses of land, Kenya is home to an incredible coastline of beaches and coral reefs, snow-capped equatorial mountains and contrasting harsh desert lands. Filling this magnificent landscape is the heart and soul of the nation, the unique tribes people including the famous Maasai, the Samburu, the Turkana, the Swahili plus many more.

Despite all this beauty, Kenya has a long hard history and remains like other african nations; consumed by poverty. The nation faces poor infrastructure in rural areas, an overwhelmed school system, and poor health facilities. Volunteering abroad in Kenya could see you promote early childhood development, or take part in community outreaches on our medical internships. There are numerous volunteer abroad opportunities requiring no previous experience available for construction and building projects. These volunteer building projects are key to the development of disadvantaged communities.

You can not speak of Kenya, without mentioning the abundance of diverse wildlife and ecosystems. Volunteer in wildlife and conservation in Kenya and you will contribute to some of the most innovative and successful conservation communities, bringing its wildlife back from the brink after a sorry history of poaching and destruction.

You will be met with warm smiles, bright colours and a be a part of a rich cross cultural experience that more often than not shapes your destiny.


Build Classrooms and Homes in Kenya
Teach English and Local Schools in Kenya
Medical Project in Local Clinics in Kenya
Wildlife Program in Kenya
HIV and AIDS Support Worker in Kenya
Community Development Program in Kenya
Masailand Cultural Conservation and Community Development in Kenya
Teaching In Maasailand, Kenya
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