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No middle man. We work with grassroots programs.

Go abroad with The most affordable volunteer abroad organization

Starting at $95 per week!

VOLUNTEER ABROAD GT is committed to providing the most affordable, safe and transparent volunteer abroad programs overseas. Whether you are on vacation, gap year, alternative or summer break you can be confident your volunteer program will be fun, worthwhile and unforgettable.


VAGT carefully creates programs to fit  you or your group's objectives and goals that produce a strong social impact. During your chosen program, you will receive the best in-country support from  our experienced staff. You will have a safe, life changing, worthwhile, and fun experience. You could help by building homes, clinics and/or schools in remote areas of your chosen destination. You could enrich lives by teaching English in a childcare center or by empowering women in skill development projects. You could provide assistance to small independent producers in their efforts to create sustainable agricultural programs or you could assist with the care and upkeep of recused animals, be it street dogs, wild cats or elephants. 

Volunteering abroad is a life-changing, exciting, sometimes daunting experience and fills you with an overwhelming sense of joy, compassion and gratitude. Promoting good, improving the quality of other’s lives and giving back to communities not only helps others but develops yourself. As well as practical experience and resume building, whilst volunteering abroad you will re-discover yourself, appreciate new cultures, meet new people, make new friends and no doubt open opportunities you would never have thought.

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VAGT offers all of our programs for individuals, groups and internship placements.

VAGT has volunteer opportunities in 8 countries.

Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe

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All programs attract a Registration Fee of $249 on top of the weekly Program Fee of your choice.

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